About us

Here at Clinic Locator, we understand how important it is to find a clinic quickly, when you’re feeling sick. It is extremely important to ensure that you get diagnosed and treated in a timely manner. Nobody wants to be sitting around, while searching and scouting for a clinic, within his or her vicinity. We strive to provide our users with the ability to quickly locate a clinic, within their area. Of course, we take it much further than that. We have services, which can guide our customers to the best clinic for their specific situation, by providing them with full details for each individual clinic. Whether you’re seeking a dentist or a mental health professional, we offer an easier way to find exactly what you need, when you need it.

Services for Our Patients

When one of our users is feeling sick, they do not want to be caught up in an hour-long search for a medical professional. In fact, they want quick access to a medical doctor, within their region, who can provide them with relief, as soon as possible. We have built a custom search portal, which is capable of giving the user easy access to the information needed. Our service gives the user the ability to quickly browse or search through the medical clinics, within their specific region. The information, which is up to date and accurate, will be visible in a very well organized manner. By selecting one of the clinics, the user can easily discover more details, including website, contact information and overall rating for the clinic, doctor or mental health professional.

Map-Based Clinic Finder

By using our services, patients will be able to discover clinics, while using a very convenient system, which should look and feel familiar. The visitors will be able to select a specific city or search for one. After this, all of the available clinics will be prominently displayed on a map-based system. From here, the user will be able to manipulate the map, in order to move around the city or zoom in and our. We have placed specific icons on the map, which can quickly help the user discover the type of clinic that they’re looking at, whether it is a mental health facility or a chiropractor. We truly believe this to be the most efficient way to discover exactly what you need.

Mission To Help Medical Professionals

Of course, we do not necessarily limit our services to patients. No, we understand how important it is for doctors, dentists and chiropractors to make their presence known to clients, within their region. With this information, we have developed an effective way for these individuals to provide clients with their information. Whether your clinic is located in Australia or America, our service will make it possible to market your business to thousands of potential patients, within and outside of your market. With our easy to use tool, clinics and doctors can add their information to our database of professionals. It is possible to add very detailed information, including the name, hours and websites for your clinic. Since your business likely operates on a regular schedule, it is also possible to add this information to the site and make it visible to all potential clients.

Our Mission

Here at Clinic Locator, we have a mission and goal, which is shared among all staff members. We strive to bring accurate information to individuals, who need immediate medical assistance. We aim to make our services easy to use and efficient. It is crucial for our visitors to receive information quickly, without delay. Our team offers the quickest and most comprehensive tool for discovering the information needed. Of course, we also like to believe we can offer services to clinics and medical doctors. At the end of the day, our main objective is to bring medical professionals together with clients in need, in the quickest manner possible.