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Jayde Dee - November 11, 2014

I started going to Friends and Family dental office because it is supposed to be "holistic" but I'm not so sure what makes it so holistic besides the fact that they don't use flouride. I had to get a crown on a molar so after they took the impression of the tooth they ended up calling me later that day to tell me I had to come back to do it again because someone in their office threw it out "by accident". Really? In the meantime I had a temporary put on and in less than 2 weeks in came off. Really? (I've had one other crown done also on a molar on the other side by another dentist and this did not happen.) So the day I went to get the temporary put back on it just so happened the permanent crown came in. At this point I was thinking it better be perfect....far from it. It felt like the crown was not in the right place. It felt like it was too close to the tooth in front of it causing a bit of pressure and behind it when I flossed I could feel something was snagging and there is a bit of a gap at the back of the tooth. The gums and the tooth were sensitive. I thought, I would just wait til my next cleaning to mention it as I didn't want to take anymore time off work to go back, and I thought maybe it just needs time to "settle in" and give it a chance. Anyway, I told Dr. Ma at my next appointment and he said it was probably some glue left on it and the the hygienist would try to get it off. I thought the extra glue could be possible since I could feel the roughness of the glue on the rest of the tooth. (My other crown is smooth as the rest of my real it should be.) Well, two years later and I'm still dealing with food getting stuck behind the tooth. I floss daily and every night I have quite a bit of food in there. I have to pass the floss through at least 3 times. Lately, I feel like the tooth underneath is exposed because when I floss it's still sensitive. And even worse that tooth/crown and the two teeth in front of it have started to really hurt when I chew on that side. I think there might be food stuck underneath the crown and the pressure of the closeness of it to the teeth beside it is causing it. Now there is a hole behind the tooth when I floss. I'm really hoping the tooth hasn't decayed because of food being stuck there. I've had my other crown (done by a different dentist) for at least 10 years now and have never had any problems with it. It's like a regular tooth. When I look at the crown done by Dr. Ma it doesn't even look like it's on properly, especially when I compare it to my other crown. It looks uneven like it wasn't even made for my mouth! And definitely doesn't feel good at all! I am not the slightest bit impressed!!! And I feel like the work was very sloppy!! This is very frustrating and I have since started going to another dentist but because he didn't put that crown in and because it's at the back of my mouth it's hard for him to tell what was going on behind the tooth. I have a cleaning coming up soon and will mention this problem to him. I just wish I knew what can be done and what kind of re-course I can take to get this fixed! I'm a little worried about my new dentist trying to fix the poor workmanship of this previous dentist..

Nura Ali - June 05, 2014

Love this place, the dental work is excellent and everyone is so nice! They definitely go out of their way to make sure you are taken care of. It almost doesn't feel like going to the dentist!! :)

Scott Parks - September 12, 2013

Friends & Family has been my family dentists for more than 10 years. If they weren't great that wouldn't have happened. Very pleased with them & it gets better as they add improvements. Great job team.

Jack Prince - January 14, 2014

Dental work is good, reception is terrible here tho. They like to stick you with hidden costs after all the work is done.

A Google User - February 23, 2012

I love Freind's and Family dental!! I had Dr.Brad he was wonderful, gental and thoroughly explained everything. The ladies that cleaned my teeth were so nice and did a terrific job!. The only thing that bothered me was the one front receptionist, she had light brown hair and glasses. she was upset when I didn't want her to watch my baby ( my husband was their) and since then I feel like she's been rude and snippy towards me. In the end Its not a big deal because the rest of the staff was amazing and make up for it!!

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