Riverbend medical clinic in calgary alberta

Riverbend Medical Clinic

8338 18 Street Southeast Calgary, Alberta T2C 4E4
09:00 AM - 04:00 PM
09:00 AM - 04:00 PM
09:00 AM - 04:00 PM
09:00 AM - 04:00 PM
09:00 AM - 04:00 PM
10:00 AM - 02:00 PM

(403) 236-2344

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Reviews & Ratings

cayla Dimock - February 17, 2014

Dr.Musa is a great family doctor. I went to him for the last 3 years through both my pregnancies. He is no nonsense but friendly. He will tell you like it is without being rude or condescending, the staff are all friendly. Just always seem to wait a long time. they have been really good to me and my kids.

Kendra Garbutt - April 01, 2014

I transferred to this clinic from my old family doctor in hopes of having quicker visits and friendlier front end staff. I live just across Glenmore, so it's a five minute drive, if that, to reach the clinic. The admins at the clinic are largely a pain in the ass. I have had decent service from one individual at this clinic but none of the others. I went to the clinic one day just after the noon hour and was informed that due to a power out in the complex, they were closed for the day. I came back the next day and was informed they weren't receiving walk ins, despite their sign that advertises walk ins and the difficulty of the day before. I only was allowed a walk in appointment that day because one of the girls working the desk had seen me the day before. The one saving grace of this medical clinic is Dr. Khalid Musa. He is consistently kind, friendly, and genuinely seems concerned for your health at every appointment. Despite an absence on his part for an extended period of time and my own reticence to visit a doctor, he remembers me every time I come in. He is patient and understanding of fears and anxieties. He doesn't prescribe miracle creams that cost an arm and a leg, instead preferring to provide down-to-earth, practical solutions for ailments. I would recommend Dr Musa, though not the clinic, to anyone needing a new doctor.

Danielle L - January 01, 2014

As everyone else has mentioned, the front reception is anything but receptive. Before I received my Alberta Health card I made an appointment to establish as a patient, cost me $40. I was told by the front reception people that I had to send my reimbursement to Alberta Health. When I called Alberta Health they told me it was the responsibility of the Dr. I called the office back and they said AH was wrong and I had to send it to them. Long story short, I confirmed with AH and it is the legal responsibility of the Dr. to refund me. I have spoken with the front desk at OMC at least 10 times about this reimbursement over the last 6 months (YES, 6 months!) and have still not received my reimbursement. Every time I call I get the work around: "Oh, the Dr. has to put in the code." "Oh, he's out till tmrw, you'll have to call back." "(Sigh) Uh, I don't know what else to do, I've left him notes on his computer to put in the code for your reimbursement." I have asked them kindly for 6 months to reimburse me $40. $40! As soon as I get my money back I am going to take it and my business elsewhere.

Kurtis AS-King - December 14, 2013

Well I can tell you one thing, they don't answer phones. When you call you are immediately forwarded to a message saying they are bust assisting other people, for hours and location press 2 and 3. Then it hangs up on you. Ummm how are you to schedule an appointment? In any case I don't think these guys have the time of day for people. You're much better off going to your auto mechanic for medical assistance than Oasis "Medical Centre".

Tricia B - May 12, 2013

In the last week I have been in 3 times between the clinic and the lab because of false or withheld information from clinic. I was told I could not make an appointment to see the doctor for a follow up, then when I went in at the time I told both the doctor and the receptionist that I would be in, I was told the doctor did not work then and to come back during walk-in times the following day. When I went back, I was told I needed to make an appointment for a follow-up. At the follow up I was told to get more tests done. After waiting at the lab for about 45 minutes, I was told I needed to make an appointment for those types of tests and that I needed to fast. The doctor did not tell me either of these things. I completely changed my plans for the entire weekend and now the entire week around these appointments. I am supposed to be wedding dress shopping with my niece this weekend/week, but can't go until these tests are done as next week I am back to work and it is harder to get the time off to go. As well, ALL of their times as listed on their phone answering service are wrong. Hence me taking off from work early only to find out I was already too late. A year later since I first wrote this review: I called and asked when they would have walk-in until today (something I have learned to do before going as they often close when they don't have anyone in, so their hours are extremely inaccurate). They said they were open until 2 PM. It was 1PM. I went straight there and arrived about 1:15. They had closed.

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