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  • Yareli Dominguez July 11, 2014

    ive called to the office several times and wen they answer they clicked on me as soon as they took me off hold. Horrible place to get worked on your teeth i had a very bad expirienced by the doing a root canal they killed the main nerve of the tooth i should of checked the review on here before coming to this place

  • J. Dee March 23, 2014

    Called and received an appointment for 10 am arrived 15 minutes before the appointment. We were told that corporate over booked this office and it would be an hour and a half wait. Left and returned an hour later before the second appointment time.... and was told it would be another hour. After talking with the staff several times, then other patrons that have been waiting 3 hours, I spoke with the office manager PattyTellez and she reiterated the over booking…….I spoke to PattyTellez again after wait another 40 minutes and she lead two patients from the waiting room to the Orthodontist department where we waited again. This was just to clear out the waiting room in my opinion. A third patient was escorted into the room followed by the Doctor. Charts were hand to the Doctor and he made some computer entries and quickly, less than five minutes evaluated and dismissed the first patient. Then he tried to wait on the third patients that came in after we did... I called him on that and he seems a bit disturbed and came over to wait on us. Now we came in for an orthodontist consultation and he asked, "What is the issue" without even examining the patient reading the chart nothing. We are here for an ortho exam... less than a minute exam 3-hour waiting. He offered information that I question. The un-professionalism of the entire staff is unacceptable. I told the Doctor and the office manger that this is not the place for us...retrieved our paperwork and exited...What a waste of time. This office seems to serve a large minority population and the mis-use of all their patient time is unacceptable. An appointment is made so you can be seen at a stated time, date, and place and should be adhered to. How can corporate make appointments for any office without knowing the staffing for that site on a daily basis? Suggest you do business elsewhere, where your time is just a valuable as those who serve you.

  • Craig Lauxman February 06, 2014

    Two visits for a broken tooth, first took 5 hrs for xrays and being told I needed an extraction and implant. Was charged for an exam but no one even looked in my mouth. They estimated $4000 for the extraction and implant after Delta Dental insurance coverage. Went back for them to actually do the exam. After 40 min they lead me to a chair, 20 min later some one comes over to prep me for 7 cavities to be filled that insurance had approved?? I tell them I have a broken tooth that needs extraction not 7 cavities to be filled. The lady looks miffed that she had unwrapped her tools and tries to insists that my insurance is covering part of the cavities to be filed. An hour later someone actually looks at my xrays and looks in my mouth. Says yep, I need an implant or a bridge. 45 min later someone show up to go over he costs. $7,683.40 from me and my insurance would cover $237.14 of it. I ask how can that be right, almost $8000 to extract one tooth and install an implant. She says that is what the PPO fee is. Wow, 8 hours of my life wasted in a cattle cart to be told they charge 2-3x what the procedure would cost almost anywhere else. Then they tried to sell me a Western Dental Plan for $104 where they would cover 50% of the newly calculated $8100.80 so my share would be $4050.40. It seem almost criminal. They have also called me a dozen times at home to see when I would be coming in to start the procedure.

  • A Google User November 28, 2011

    Terrible service they give false info to get commission..will leave you hanging ..and in pain..

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